Sunday, 10 May 2009

Flexible Drive Astra Convertible Roof

Flexible Drive Astra Convertible Roof

Holden Part Number GM-09198566
Holden Part Number GM-09198568

The team at ALNO Product Services offer an upgrade or life extending fully engineered solution for the Flexible Drive to the suit Astra Convertible Roof Latches.

Flexible Drives fail in many cases where the Astra Convertible latches Jam ALNO Product Service offer a complete range of products that keep your Astra Convertible Roof Moving.

In General terms, this product - Flexible Drive reconditioning has been developed as a result of latches jamming the latches that we see jamming generally fall into one of the following categories
  • Latches that have been bolted together
  • Latches have been fitted with Aluminum 6061 Blocks supplied out of Queensland
  • Latches have been fitted with a new bearing that is not rated to carry Rotational Inertia or rotational load
If you find that your flexible drive fray break or stop functioning please get in contact with us even if you fit genuine. As we would love to share your experience with everyone knowledge in terms of the best options the time frame parts last.

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