Thursday, 20 October 2011

Holden Astra Convertible - Roof Problem - Solved

Holden Astra Convertible - Roof Problem solve for less than $1400 (+ GST.) both modified latches that is less than 1/2 price in compassion to Holden Dealers.

We are a professional work shop that repairs Holden Astra Convertible Roof Latches and offer a warranty on all our work.

If you need additional information on getting broken latches fixed part No. 0919 8575 &; 0919 8574 or you may like to see the modified latches working they can contact me at ALNO Product Services on the central coast or Google ALNO Product Services

ALNO Product Services
4/10 Grieve Cl,
West Gosford NSW 2250


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