Wednesday, 23 May 2012

5 Year Warranty on Astra Convertible Roof

For over the past 9 years ALNO Product Services have been servicing Astra roof latches which has included 
  • Broken Holden Astra Genuine parts - Latches & Hoses
  • Backyarder - Dodgee quick fixes
  • Chinese made latches

ALNO Product Services are now offering a five warranty on convertible which includes oil lines and roof latches.

So if your Astra Bertone Convertible Roof has stopped working of if your car is making a beeping sound when your turn the ignition on they ALNO Product Services can help you out.

Maybe when you went to open you heard a crack like some throw a rock at your windscreen or you went to close your roof and the roof would not close stopping 50mm or 2" short of closing

ALNO Product Services offer Roof Latches, Hydraulic Hoses, Hydraulic Oil

ALNO Product Services offer a 5 year warranty that is transferable to the new owner if you sell your car.

For more information contact ALNO product services

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