Monday, 27 August 2012

Astra Electric - Windows

ALNO Product Services on the New South Wales have extended their Astra convertible service to not only fix the Roof and Hydraulic systems but they now fix the electric windows.

It is the same old story take the car down to the Holden Dealer the window frame mechanism Cost $700 and the Electric motor has been burn out $700 price estimate $1800 plus labour

Oh please now i have heard it all ALNO Product Services are servicing the Electric windows for less than half the price that the Holden Dealers charge

As with the development of the Hydraulic Hoses and the Roof Latches then development of the fully engineered solution took a number of years to develop and now the team offer a 2 year warranty for the roof products.

The team at ALNO Product services believe that we have a reliable solution.

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