Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Astra Convertible Roof Fix

ALNO Product Services have recondition over 45 Astra Roof Latches since August this year.
Many of the latches have a 2 year warranty 
Reconditioning Astra Roof Latches Holden Astra Convertible Bertone Models 2001 - 2006
If you are having trouble with your roof not closing or it stops half way the Team at ALNO Product Services have take dis-functional roofs and turned them into functional roofs
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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Astra Convertible Insurance claims

Funny how someone suggests on a blog site to claim latches breaking on an insurance claim.... then all of a sudden we have a rush of people .... some hit me from behind and it broke my roof latches .... or i came back to my car and it was like that....... please i need good karma ... too many bad people out there.

How silly are people out there ...... i don't think i have ever seen a mechanic in a workshop lift an Astra Convertible roof on there own it is always two people one each side ........ yet people sill believe that they can make insurance companies believe that there case is unique and yet everybody else when there latches break......

Someone has broken into my roof by trying to pull the roof back when it is so easy to cut the roof and lift the button .... please stop it the level of some peoples intelligence is so low ..... is it that there are to many people that should be in jail but they are walking around just ripping other people off.

The team at ALNO Product Services are more than happy to be expert witness in any insurance claims it is not as if we have not herd it all before......... 

Then there are the people that just want the quick fix to sell there car ...... so many times i feel I am talking to the owner of a new Astra and last month i was talking to the old owner of the same car.

So having said all that we are more than happy to to reduce the cost of our 2 year warranty for Astra convertible owners with broken roof latches from $450 to $300 +gst for the next month. if they mention this message or blog

Astra roofs fixed .... Roof Latches ... Hydraulic hose and Hydraulic oil

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Astra Convertible

Astra Hose Broken, replacing a broken hose can be quite simple yet it can turn into a complete head ache.
Over the past 4 year the team at ALNO Product Services have seen many cases of hose doctor or local hose replacement companies fitting such hoses.

In general these hoses work perfecting fine and these companies know there hoses yet, in many cases in fitting these hoses does not get the roof work as new.

Some roofs only move 2 or 3 centimeters and then stop moving or in the worst cases latches latches break and need replacing. In other cases the roof works perfectly fine for 2 or 3 weeks then these issues arise where you push the button and the roof does not move if the roof is in the open position or if the roof in closed position.

The team at ALNO Product services not only supply many of the hose companies with end fittings to suit the Astra Bertone convertibles. Furthermore over the summer months we receive at least one phone call per month from hose fitting companies requesting advice on how to fix these Roofs.

The team at ALNO Product Services are specialist in servicing Astra Convertible roofs our team export latches, Oil, hose along with advice on fitting across the world to UK, Europe and New Zealand.

Many of our products come with a 5 years warranty furthermore our customers are selling there Astra Convertibles with a 5 year warranty get a higher dollar value that just the market value of there car.