Friday, 15 February 2013

Astra Convertible Roof Latches Bearings

The biggest complement for any business is when another business or backyard machinist copies your product and sells it cheaper ….. But changing bearings that don’t need to be changed is excess expense that consumers don’t need to pay for……

Astra Bertone Convertible Roof Latch Bearings - Genuine parts are manufactured split bearings ….. Split bearings don’t crack they are manufactured that way …… Take a look at your bearings does it look like it has cracked in any direction under pressure or a force? ….. Or is it a uniform straight split 90 degrees to the folded / formed bearing sleeve that is formed in a manufacturing machine?

Furthermore these bearings rotate at less than 30 revolutions per minute on a flexible drive shaft which acts as a clutch when the latch jams ….. So I’m not sure where the force comes from to crack harden metal casing of the bearing

Either way you be the judge you could Google split bearing and check out the images ….. And you can Google cracked bearings and check out the images …..Then compare images against your bearings

Or you could go down to your local Holden dealer and ask to inspect the new genuine parts ….

At ALNO Product Services we don’t bullshit and charge you for changing bearings that don’t need to be changed…..

Please note once you turn down your threaded shaft to suit a commercial bearing and the latch jams ….. There is no going back to the original bearing…..

ALNO Product Services have over 9 years of assisting Astra Bertone Convertible owners get there roofs moving again

Why risk you roof ..... Holden Replacements are expensive


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