Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Roof Stuck ... Astra convertible

There are two milestones April 2013 ..... 

Firstly ending April 2013 the Team at ALNO Product Services have supplied 167 Latch sets across the Globe and assisted 237 Astra Owners get there roof moving again.

This has included 12 replacement kits for latches that have jammed by another Queensland based company offering a solution of a low grade aluminium material ..... the Aircraft grade aluminium ALNO Product Services offer a higher degree of flexibility which reduces the chance of latches jamming furthermore it protects the electro-hydraulic control system from failure. 

Secondly the team at ALNO Product Services would like to Announce the the supply of a composite Aluminium Plastic material that is the latest in materials technology that has been developed over 2 years in conjunction with the university of Technology Sydney. The composite Aluminium Plastic offers a higher degree of flexibility from the plastic and yet still offers the rigidity and strength characteristics of Aluminium. This material combined with design is closer to the original Bertone design yet offer a higher degree of protection to the roof and hydraulic system  at a cost effective price.   

For more information on our latest product Release of the aluminium plastic composite solution on offer from ALNO Product Services www.alnoproductservices.com.au

"The Aluminium Plastic components is really a smart solution for the Astra Bertone Latches it stops them jamming and protects the roof"

- Anthony Hamilton
General Manager
ALNO Product Services

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