Thursday, 16 May 2013

Astra Convertible Roof Not Moving

The team at ALNO Product Service has been offering Astra Convertible Roof Latches for over 8 years now 

We cannot resit we have more and more clients that have tried to fit or fix latches themselves taken advice from a backyard operator or tried to to fit latches themselves.

In many cases this has resulted in hoses or latches failing the team at ALNO product Services can assist with fitting we have developed a true and tried process that has resulted in more than 90% of parts being fitted without further damage to the roof or other parts of the car

For additional information on how to get your roof working again without the additional expense of replacing additional parts

Contact ALNO Product Services 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Latch .... lock .... parts

Astra TS Latches parts purchased from a Queensland operator.... Warranty not honoured
Bertone 2001 - 2006

Latches worked for 2 weeks and then jammed


Theses latches are only good for parts.....

Bearings seized and Aluminum blocks are broken..... Rest of latch good for parts

Please message me for pictures and the result of fitting these latches
Parts from $10

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Astra Convertible Roof

If you have problem with your Astra convertible roof opening and closing the best bet is to get a professional to look at.

The team at ALNO Product Services have Professional Mechanics working across Australia and New Zealand including full trained Holden Dealerships

When fitting a set of latches there is a risk of hydraulic failure, furthermore if latches are not fitted correctly there is a real possibility of failure of the flexible drive.

Over the past year the team at ALNO Product Services have serviced over 75 Convertible roofs.

Why risk taking advice from people on a blog  ..... if things go wrong who will you turn to.

There has not been an Astra Bertone Convertible that the team at ANO Product Services has not been able to fix.

We have seen many weird and wonderful inventions the latest failure is a Queensland failure Aluminum parts machined for latches .....  fitted for two days then convertible roof started slamming into the windscreen. One could argue that the parts fitted were ok ...... when fitted ......or maybe it was the way the parts had been fitted who is to say?

One thing is sure there was one unhappy customer .... buy all reports the solution did not fit the problem for three months the customer struggled with closing the roof and at some stages was not sure if the roof was going to break the the windscreen.

At the end of the day if you enjoy the feeling of driving in an open roof and you love your car which one day will be a collectable item.

Then let the team at ALNO Product Services take care of your roof