Friday, 5 July 2013

Astra Hose Blown

Today Hydra-link franchise called ask / requesting help for another Astra convertible that had a blown hose.

Then after replacing the hose that roof did not work?

or function how it was designed

" We just want to send this customer to another mechanic to fix the problem,  ?"

" We don't do mechanical repairs " 

" Do you know anyone in our area that can help "

- The Hydra-link supplier stated


I'm not sure but when i went to University Hydraulics was under the Mechanical Engineering stream
along with mechanics.


Our responses is that anyone can fix these cars the Astra Bertone Convertible roofs with the right advice.

From what we are currently lead to believe or all the evidence suggests that the car had a blown hose and that hose has been repaired 

Yet through the installation of the hose additional damage has been caused to the car / roof and now the roof does not function any longer.

If you have a blown hose and you replace that hose that is blown and nothing else changes through changing the single hose

The problem is solved .....

The issue here is with so many Pirtek, Hydra-link and Hose Doctors across the country that know how to fix all the hydraulic systems in factories or on manufacturing equipment quite well as they work on them most days.

When it comes to specialist systems I would not want part timers working on my car as when things go wrong these guys just push you off to some else.
 Over the past 6 months ALNO Product Services has assisted 39 Astra Convertible roof owners repair hose systems in the car with the right advice.

Not to mention customers in Europe, the UK and New Zealand across 4 different languages 

95% of these Astra Convertible owners have repaired these hoses themselves including a single mother of 3 in Adelaide region and a retired 75 year old man from Perth suburbs 

Don't let part timers replace one end of your hose to find out the other end blows two weeks latter.

For more stories like this of how .... or .... How to get your Astra Bertone Roof moving Again contact 

Monday, 1 July 2013

Hose and latches Astra convertible

Over the past 7 - 8 years of fixing these Astra convertible roofs not only the Hose but supplying latches flexible drives and roof controllers.

We have seen many customers from the hose companies with the second end of the hose blowing, broken latches or pull cable failing when hoses have been fitted.

I'm just wondering if it is 2 hours to fix the hose and why do they need the car all day?

For $240 it really gets quite expensive when you have to do each end of the hose and there are 10 hoses in each car

$240 x 10 hoses x 2 ends = $4800

Not only the cost but what about the inconvenience to back and forth to the hose company driving people mad.....

It does not make much sense in engineering terms to spend money on patching up an old hose (10 years old) with it bending back and forth the roof for the past ten years.

$4800 for 10 hoses …… 10 years old

In 5 years those hoses will have had 15 years of bending back and forth

Our company ALNO (on the NSW Central Coast which supplies Across Aust, NZ and Europe) offers new hose industrial grade with new end fittings it is a higher pressure hose than what is supplied by Holden.

We offer a package deal of 10 NEW hoses and a set of recondition latches for $3895.

The recondition latches have the plastic parts removed and are fitted with Aluminium parts ...... this comes with a two year warranty

Please note there are many people talking down these cars…… maybe that is because the first person did not fix the roof or take care for it and pass it on to the next owner….. Quite unfairly….

I own 3 of these cars and enjoy driving them

We are happy to talk these cars up …. as I love driving them with the roof down ….

Our company is also happy to honour the above warranty when your car is sold therefore adding more value to the Bertone convertible when selling it…..

Can you image what selling your car with a warranty for the parts in the roof…..

Anthony Hamilton – NSW Central Coast

Hydraulic Hose Holden Astra

The relationship between hose companies and Holden Dealers is a funny one when it comes to repairing Hydraulic Hose on the Holden Astra Convertibles, from all reports.

The first thing that needs to be stated in terms of repairing a hose as aposed to replacing the hose with a new one. Is that there is a good change that the other end of the hose is likely to come lose or blow off under pressure, as the hose manufacturing process is crimped at both ends.

In most cases after patching one end of a hose the other end blows off after a short period. In one case the other end blew off when the hose was being refitted.

By all reports from our customers there is no warranty with a patched hosed as the other end is most likely going to blow soon. The hose company just states we fixed the other end.

The team at ALNO Product Services offers both products where we can repair your 10 year old hose patching it together or we can offer a new hose that has a higher pressure rating and will not fall apart like the genuine Holden hose.

There are many reports from various clients across Australia that once the hoses have been patched that the holden dealers cannot fit them or they lose parts. Sorry that many not be true in every instance yet there is a strong resistance from Holden Dealers to fit other or non genuine parts.

One thing that is for sure weather you are fitting Hoses, Latches, Roof Controllers and or replacing relays the team at ALNO Product Services will offer the complete service.

Advice on how to fit parts yourself removing the conflict between Holden and the hose companies.

Today we have had another customer call and order parts that both the hose company and Holden dealer could not fix. 

The Customer still need to pay both compaines bills and yet her roof is not working?

In replacing these hydraluic hoses it is as simple as fitting a peg over a hoses at one end and removing 4 bolts and a ring at the other.

For more information on getting your roof moving again contact ALNO Product Services

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