Monday, 1 July 2013

Hydraulic Hose Holden Astra

The relationship between hose companies and Holden Dealers is a funny one when it comes to repairing Hydraulic Hose on the Holden Astra Convertibles, from all reports.

The first thing that needs to be stated in terms of repairing a hose as aposed to replacing the hose with a new one. Is that there is a good change that the other end of the hose is likely to come lose or blow off under pressure, as the hose manufacturing process is crimped at both ends.

In most cases after patching one end of a hose the other end blows off after a short period. In one case the other end blew off when the hose was being refitted.

By all reports from our customers there is no warranty with a patched hosed as the other end is most likely going to blow soon. The hose company just states we fixed the other end.

The team at ALNO Product Services offers both products where we can repair your 10 year old hose patching it together or we can offer a new hose that has a higher pressure rating and will not fall apart like the genuine Holden hose.

There are many reports from various clients across Australia that once the hoses have been patched that the holden dealers cannot fit them or they lose parts. Sorry that many not be true in every instance yet there is a strong resistance from Holden Dealers to fit other or non genuine parts.

One thing that is for sure weather you are fitting Hoses, Latches, Roof Controllers and or replacing relays the team at ALNO Product Services will offer the complete service.

Advice on how to fit parts yourself removing the conflict between Holden and the hose companies.

Today we have had another customer call and order parts that both the hose company and Holden dealer could not fix. 

The Customer still need to pay both compaines bills and yet her roof is not working?

In replacing these hydraluic hoses it is as simple as fitting a peg over a hoses at one end and removing 4 bolts and a ring at the other.

For more information on getting your roof moving again contact ALNO Product Services

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