Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Astra Bertone Roof Locking Mechanism

The team at Alno Product Services are now offering 3-D Printed Astra Roof Latches

50% of our Astra Convertible Products are now purchased by Holden or General Motors
 Dealerships Across the world

For roof latches that survive the test of time ..... The team at Alno Product Services have re-engineered the Astra Bertone roof Locking mechanism and our FEA tools suggest the the life of the latch has been extended by an extra 16 years

Astra Convertible at our old Factory

With summer approching its a good time to get your roof serviced to ensure you can enjoy the full summer


  1. Love your work .... you guys are posting so much material..... These days

    We here so many people having bad experiences with these Astra's as there are to many backyard hacks out there .... butching these Convertibles .... and there parts

  2. 3-D Printed Latch Parts....... You guys are real leaders .....

  3. Hello all

    Are astra cabby roofs interchangeable as I have one with a manual latch but I have heard that most cabbies have auto latches. Can I put a roof on my cabby with an auto latch on or would I have to do some changes?


  4. Gina .... Please call Alno we can help you or email me at


    For the most up to date information


  5. Hey Tom ..... yes loads of backyarders .... not real engineers ... all with a solution for everything .... but have not tested it on their own cars ......

    it's just madness


  6. Davo those 3-D Printed parts are madness

  7. Got mine last month .... been using them everyday

    From waht Maria said she has been using for over a year now

  8. Yes the team have been testing for the past two years .... they work a treat

    We have some of the smartest engineers working for us

    Nice work Team


  9. Afternoon All,

    Just bought a replacement convertible roof (after mine was slashed) for my 03 MK4 Astra and was wondering if anyone has any instructions or How To's on how to fit it?

    Anyone attempted this? is it difficult?

    Any advice would be amazing...

    Look forward to your replies!!


  10. Sounds like a project .... i love to help out where we can ..... Gooders you know where to contact us


  11. Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend

    The Hits on our website have got over 5000 this weekend looks like it will be a busy week

  12. Esperanza que todos hayan tenido un buen fin de semana

    Los golpes en nuestra página web tienen más de 5000 este fin de semana parece que va a ser una semana muy ocupada

  13. Espero que todos tenha tido um lindo fim de semana

    As batidas no nosso site tem mais de 5000 neste fim de semana parece que vai ser uma semana movimentada

  14. Hoffnung jeder hat ein sehr schönes Wochenende gehabt

    Die Hits auf unserer Website haben über 5000 bekam an diesem Wochenende sieht es eine arbeitsreiche Woche werden

  15. ALNO Product Services now export to over 26 different countries

    with the Australian Dollar so high who said manufacturing as dead in Australia

  16. To Anthony and the guys at ALNO

    It was so cool to have Laura drop by and fix our Astra

    She came all the way to Brisbane and if another hose blows i can fix it myself

    I was suprised at how much Laura knew about the Astra Bertone soft top convertible

    Within 3 hours she had my roof working as if was new and the price was more than competitive

    Anthony please thank Laura and the rest of your team


  17. Hello Ned,

    Thanks for you kind remarks

    I'll Let Anthony & Laura know

    Team ALNO

  18. We encourage all of our clients to write about there experiences but it good or bad

    Team ALNO