Monday, 5 August 2013

Astra Convertible Roof Stuck

Alno Product Services is the first stop when it comes to getting
Your Astra Convertible Roof Moving again

  • Roof Latches
  • Hydraulic Hose
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • ECU - Roof Controllers
  • Fitting instructions

The team at Alno Product Services have been manufacturing Astra Convertible Roof Parts since 2006 


  1. How cool are the images in the Astra Parts Facbook page

  2. Hey Everyone,

    I just purchased a 2002 Holden Astra Convertible (Bertone) and the roof is not working, I took it to Holden and they fixed some pipe problem and I paid $1400 :( and then they told me the roof goes up and down properly but the roof lock latches are both broken (Right & Left),

    I had enough google broken roof and found ALNO Product Services and they were only 1/2 the price of what Holden quoted me

    I appreciate your help.

    Thanks Guys


  3. As far as Holden are, they are a rip off when it comes to their convertibles.
    In fact, they will not try to fix most problems when under warranty.
    You do realise where these cars are made, and where Holden have to source the parts from, don't you???
    All you can eat for under $20 is the go, is it, no matter what the part is or where it comes from?
    Go price the part from an Opel dealer, then convert it to Aus dollars, add taxes, freight, wages and storage costs. Might get an idea then...:idea:

  4. Hi I have an 02 astra convertible 1.8

    ive had this car for 3 years and at first the roof worked fine until a a year or so ago the roof stopped working. i took it to vauxhall (under warranty) and they said it was the switch so they changed it and it was working again. Then another year went by and it stopped again. By this time the warranty was up. I took it into vauxhall to be looked at again and they put it onto a tech 2 machine and came up with no faults.That cost me £40.
    I waited a bit and took it into another vauxhall dealer where they put it onto a tech 2 machine....again no faults come up. They checked the fuses and relays all those were fine.
    There is no sound(beep) when pressing the roof button like there used to be and none of the windows work off the centre console.

    please please can someone suggest anything.



  5. Scott Thanks for your post .... We can assist you we have seem this problem often.

    If you can call Alno Product Services tomorrow we can help