Sunday, 4 August 2013

Astra Roof Repairs

Over the past 9 or so years ALNO Product Services have been developing products that enhance the performance of the Astra Convertible Roof

We have seen roof trimmers that bolt latches together that work for a period of time ..... and the latches jam so the roof cannot be opened ..... that is without structural damage to the roof in many cases.

Then we had brass latches from Canberra we are yet to see an Astra Convertible with these parts functioning. Then in April this year we had a new player enter the market place with Chinese Aluminum parts from Brisbane.

For each of the past 3 years Alno Product Services have constancy assisted over 75 Astra Bertone convertible owners get there roof moving again, this year it has happened earlier than any previous years.

In assisting these Astra convertible owners we have see an increase in the cheap Chinese manufactured latches being sold East of Brisbane. Latches assembled or fitted in Australia does not make the latches manufactured in Australia

As for fitted by trade qualified technicians I have searched all of the trade listings in each state and cannot find a trade qualification for a trade technician that is related to fitting of the Astra Bertone Convertible parts...... This qualification does not exist! ......

Do hope someone can tell me which TAFE college i can get this qualification.

In terms of a life time structural replacement warranty this warranty obviously does not include replacement of bearings our team have seen a number of these latches in recent months that require bearing replacement due to binding of poor quality Chinese materials. Hence the words "life time structural replacement warranty" Structurally these latches are fine yet mechanically they are a complete failure.
To Quote Wikipedia with regard to Structural Engineering

" Structural engineering is usually considered a specialty within civil engineering,"

for more information on Wikipedia - Structural Engineering

We must give credit where credit is due and this supplier of Astra Roof Chinese Latches have stopped butchering the split bearings and lead screws. Yet replacing these bearing did not and does not stop these latches from Jamming or binding.

Our team manufactures  on the central coast and all of our customers are welcome to come and check our manufacturing process. 

Money is just to hard to come by these days so why waste it on solution that just don't last


  1. Here Here .... That guy is a half wit ....

    Buy blocks from China and sells them as Australian made .... oh please

  2. Alno Product Services is the only reliable choice for Astra convertible roof components

  3. A friend of mine fitted those Brisbane latches ..... he need to replace his electric motor at the front of the roof it was burnt it out


  4. Thank you for the most wonderful service. After taking my car to three different places for advice costing over $300 and a quote from Holden of over $2000, one phone call to you fixed all my problems. If you have hood problems contact ALNO they could save you a fortune.

    Wendy Pearson