Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Astra Convertible - Custom Built - Hydraulic Hose

ALNO started supplying the a Queensland hose dealership with custom build fittings approximately 3 years ago, it has certainly caught on now many of the hose companies and Holden Dealerships are purchasing Hydraulic hose from ALNO.

Today Alno supply Hose companies from the UK New Zealand Europe and across Australia why pay a middle man when you can buy direct from their supplier.

It must be noted that not all hose companies purchase hose from Alno Product Services in many cases where hose are welded or patched together these hoses are not supplied by ALNO

Patching a hose together does not make much sense at all if the hose is 8 or 9 years old or in some case 10+ years that hose has done so much work after patching it just blows at the other end or splits halfway through.

Welding fittings to a new is a more reliable option yet in many case guys that fit hoses are not welders or welders of pressure fittings. It takes a boiler maker 4 years of welding them they need to complete 2 years additional study to become certified pressure welders. It many cases the welds we have seen we were shocked to see them last more than two roof cycles.

Maybe that is why some times the hose companies suggest that your purchase the Hose from ALNO rather than go to all that trouble a second time.  

The Astra Convertible has two types of hydraulic hose one set of hose are high pressure hose the other is low pressure hose. These system should not be mixed up as the low pressure hose need to be flexible and the high pressure needs to be ridgid.

In many cases it is a waist of money to replace all ten Hydraulic hoses as not all hoses need replacing many hoses are comsumerable yet not all hoses blow

ALNO has been assiting Astra Convertible roof owners get there roofs moving since approximatley mid 2004. We are yet to see a group off hose blow and untill we do we dont subscribe to the solution of replacing all ten hoses.

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