Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Astra Convertible Roof

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At Alno this weeks production numbers for latches have fallen we are starting to get the feeling we have basically replaced 70% - 80% of the current Astras on the Australian roads.

This estimation is based in the number of Astra convertibles imported into Australia

Yet we are still experiencing strong demand through our networks in Europe and New Zealand and still above 50% our Astra convertible parts are sold to Holden Dealers.

Why buy from Holden when you can buy directly from the manufacturer this is something which i cannot understand.

We a running our yearly competition again this time we are including our blog readers and our ALNO Newsletter subscribers with prizes yet to be announced to answering the following question

What month will ALNO reach its 75 latch set completed in 2014?

The month for 2013 can be found in one of our blogs but who knows which one?

Over the past 10 plus years that the team at ALNO have been working in the Astra TS and AH convertibles we have added so much value to theses cars in terms of resale value

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We are happy to launch new product in 2014 roof customs for more information and availability contact 

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but here is a sample

Our customers add real resale value to their cars we strive to protect the Astra convertible folding roof tops and all of our parts are fully protect against corrosion.


From the team at Alno we would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas


Monday, 9 December 2013

Broken Roof Latches

10 Years Astra Roof Latches

We are approaching ten years since we started repairing Astra Convertible roofs

So if you are looking for an experienced team to look at your Astra Convertible who offer cost effective solutions.

At ALNO Product Services we believe these cars will one day be considered classic cars and we are offering custom modification services to improve the look and feel of the Astra Convertibles.


Astra Roof Latches

Broken Astra roof latches is the result of an Astra convertible being open and closed many times or where mechanical components meet there design life cycle end

When you are Convertible roof stops working you don’t need to always replace the Astra roof latches.

There are a number of known issues with the Astra convertible roofs as you can imagine there a limited number of places where you can go to get your Astra Convertible roof repaired.