Monday, 19 May 2014

Astra Convertible Roof Latches

Another two Astra convertible roof latch sets this week need re-engineering thanks to our friends in Brisbane

These latches come from a so called "backyard operator in the Brisbane suburbs" is how one of new our customers put it.

So there are now more Questions are now being asked?

Are these machinists Australia qualified as they advertise parts manufactured in Brisbane yet parts are not machined to Australian standards or Australian Quality Assurance standards

This is highly evident in the machining and manufacuring processes used Moreover the two Astras we inspected this week were suffering the effects of galvanic corrosion 

In general terms galvanic corrosion is caused by clamping or securing dissimular materials together the result is an increase in the amount of corrosion or rate of corrosion overtime

As the Aluminimum blocks had not been treated for corrorion they were just raw Aluminimum. These Astra convertibles roof had been butchered they were showing a signifigant amount of Galvanic Corrosion or in layman terms RUST which over time will spread to the other parts on the car  

We are intrested in talking to other customers that have purchased Astra Roof Latches from the "backyard operator in the Brisbane suburbs" just to keep customers informed.

All the aluminimum parts supplied by ALNO Product Services are protected against corrosion

ALNO Product Services - Offer the Highest standards in Australian Engineering
Our team comprises of Australian University educated Engineers & Designers
And Australian TAFE Qualified Machinists

ALNO Product Services |  カブリオレパーツ

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Astra Convertible Problems | Roof Latches

Let ALNO fix your Astra Convertible Problems 
In regards to Astra Roof Latches or Astra Roof Catches when it comes to purchasing them there is more choice than ever before

You have the options of choosing:

CNC Billet Machining Aircraft Grade Aluminium
3D Printed Plastic - ABS
3D Printed Inconel
Injection moulded Acetal
Injection Mould Glass filled Nylon

3D Printed Plastic - ABS Printed at ALNO

Injection moulded Acetal - Injection Moulded at ALNO

The world is fast changing and ALNO Product Services is offer the best value for money.

That's not to mention that all of our latches are treated ensuring that they are not prone to rust
or cause additional rust in your car.

All of our latch blocks are fully FEA tested prior to manufacture ensuring you get the best product 

This stress plot sets ALNO apart from the backyard hacks that bolt or manufacture untreated Aluminium rust causing blocks.

 Under engineering or engineering for failure to get another sale is not what we do at ALNO

We are a full service Engineering Design and machining service provider

It is quite clear where the stress is !

Sometimes all this technical information gets too much and we like to have fun customising our roofs as well

 Please note we manufacture all our products in Australia and all of our products are tested for galvanic reactions ensuring your car will have no rust due to our parts

For more information on how to get your roof moving again contact

 カブリオレパーツ  |  ALNO Product Services  

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Astra Roof Latches

Astra Roof Latches: one would think it is time to try something new

Roof latches that are causing the TS Astra roofs to rust

Split bearings being replaced with deep goove bearings

Now we have a new customer that purchase latches and cannot open the roof as the latches have Jammed

If you have purchased a cheap set of
That completly lock your roof we want to talk to you we can open your roof again and have your roof working as new.
We would also like to put an end to the rumor that every TS Astra converible roof needs to pushed in operation
We have fixed TS Astra Roof that:
  • Don't come off the windscreen
  • That have blown oil everywhere
  • That have latch bearing replaced
  • Roof that stop half way
  • Roofs that don't make any noise when you push the roof button
  • Latches are casuing the roof to rust out
  • Latches that have been bolted together
  • need a complete replacement roofs 

For more information contact ALNO Product Services