Thursday, 15 May 2014

Astra Convertible Problems | Roof Latches

Let ALNO fix your Astra Convertible Problems 
In regards to Astra Roof Latches or Astra Roof Catches when it comes to purchasing them there is more choice than ever before

You have the options of choosing:

CNC Billet Machining Aircraft Grade Aluminium
3D Printed Plastic - ABS
3D Printed Inconel
Injection moulded Acetal
Injection Mould Glass filled Nylon

3D Printed Plastic - ABS Printed at ALNO

Injection moulded Acetal - Injection Moulded at ALNO

The world is fast changing and ALNO Product Services is offer the best value for money.

That's not to mention that all of our latches are treated ensuring that they are not prone to rust
or cause additional rust in your car.

All of our latch blocks are fully FEA tested prior to manufacture ensuring you get the best product 

This stress plot sets ALNO apart from the backyard hacks that bolt or manufacture untreated Aluminium rust causing blocks.

 Under engineering or engineering for failure to get another sale is not what we do at ALNO

We are a full service Engineering Design and machining service provider

It is quite clear where the stress is !

Sometimes all this technical information gets too much and we like to have fun customising our roofs as well

 Please note we manufacture all our products in Australia and all of our products are tested for galvanic reactions ensuring your car will have no rust due to our parts

For more information on how to get your roof moving again contact

 カブリオレパーツ  |  ALNO Product Services  


  1. My brother purchased a Set of Roof latches from that Rob guy in Brisbane

    Works out of a Brisbane Machine Shop somewhere he said

    These set of latches rusted the sh*t out of the front roof only after 2 months. ok so we live close to the beach but my brother had the car for 4 years and there was not a mark on it.

    The front cover was a mess you could see how the aluminimum blocks was where the rust start from the rust was so heavy around the blocks and latches.

    After my brother mention this to Rob

    Rob said he would send him a new set of latches but Aluminum had not been treated for rust, but they never turn up

    Now He calls Rob from my phone because he wont answer when my brother calls his phone

  2. Nice post

    Down here in South Australia that Rob guy stuck again

    I purchased my Astra from a local Car yard and two weeks out of warranty the roof jammed could not open or close the roof manual or with the button.

    When my hubby got the roof open thanks to Anthony and the team at ALNO the whole thing had just rusted out.

    The rust was so bad it stop the roof from operating

    I read somewhere in another post they are calling him Rusty Rob in Melbourne

    Anthony Loads of Love to your team and thanks for all your help

    Clifford, SA

  3. There are a number of stories out there like that who is ever going to buy an Astra with a rusted roof that just does open

  4. This Rob Guy sounds like a complete nut Case

  5. My Astra Convertible is due for a service, but it's now outside of the warranty, so I don't have to go back to the original dealer anymore. Given that they're almost an hour away from where I live, I thought I'd see if I could find somewhere good nearby. Any suggestions for an Astra pro in Western Sydney? Somewhere around Penrith/St Mary's would be ideal, but I'll take what I can get.On similar lines, the hydraulics in the roof blew recently. This is the second time this has happened, and last time it cost me $5k at my dealership to get it all repaired – pump, lines, and latches all needed replacing. And the damage this time is on the opposite side of the car, so I suspect it's not covered by the repair warranty. Can anyone recommend a good place for that kind of work?Thanks!

  6. Hello allAre astra cabby roofs interchangeable as I have one with a manual latch but I have heard that most cabbies have auto latches. Can I put a roof on my cabby with an auto latch on or would I have to do some changes? Gina

  7. Hi,We too have an Astra '02 plated 2.2 convertible and for a while the roof would only open a few inches before beeping, but then when it got slightly warmer worked okay. So I thought it was to do with the outside temperature, as we did not get a car manual when we bought it I don't know what it says in it.Does anyone know where I can get a car manual for the Astra from apart from Holden?ThanksRob