Monday, 19 May 2014

Astra Convertible Roof Latches

Another two Astra convertible roof latch sets this week need re-engineering thanks to our friends in Brisbane

These latches come from a so called "backyard operator in the Brisbane suburbs" is how one of new our customers put it.

So there are now more Questions are now being asked?

Are these machinists Australia qualified as they advertise parts manufactured in Brisbane yet parts are not machined to Australian standards or Australian Quality Assurance standards

This is highly evident in the machining and manufacuring processes used Moreover the two Astras we inspected this week were suffering the effects of galvanic corrosion 

In general terms galvanic corrosion is caused by clamping or securing dissimular materials together the result is an increase in the amount of corrosion or rate of corrosion overtime

As the Aluminimum blocks had not been treated for corrorion they were just raw Aluminimum. These Astra convertibles roof had been butchered they were showing a signifigant amount of Galvanic Corrosion or in layman terms RUST which over time will spread to the other parts on the car  

We are intrested in talking to other customers that have purchased Astra Roof Latches from the "backyard operator in the Brisbane suburbs" just to keep customers informed.

All the aluminimum parts supplied by ALNO Product Services are protected against corrosion

ALNO Product Services - Offer the Highest standards in Australian Engineering
Our team comprises of Australian University educated Engineers & Designers
And Australian TAFE Qualified Machinists

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  1. My Daughter purchased an Astra Convertible (her first car ) with a set of those roof latches from ASTRA ROOF REPAIRS in Brisbane or there compnay name has changed from when the previous owner purchased the latch set.

    There phone number has changed from what the previous owner had and when you call the new number they dont answer the phone.

    We have recently taken the Convertible to City Holden and workshop foreman suggested that the frame in the roof needs replacing $7K plus extras and labour.

    I have just been to an engineer and have an engineers report suggesting that the rust from frame is coming from the Roof latches.

    Im intrest in hearing from other that have had similar damage to there Astra Convertible so we can take action against these cowboys

    my email address is

    Thanks Bill

  2. Hey Bill there are a number of people with the same issue

    We have a number that have contacted us

    I imagine that is what happens when a company takes short cuts or produces products that are not fully engineered.

    One customer mention that Chinese manufactured roof latches were being sold from there


  3. My Husband purchased a set of the roof block fitted to the roof locks from the guys at Astra Roof Repairs in H****** who seem to have changed there business name now.

    What a drama that was the driver side lock stopped working the same day my husband fitted it.

    Then two weeks later Anthony and his apprentice from Alno made a trip to Bris Vegas these guys were so helpful in comparison to the other guy who took our money and ran now he wont pick the phone when I call.

    Anthony just swapped over that latches and it has been 3 months now and the roof is working like new.

    If you have an Astra I can certainly recommend Anthony and the Guys at ALNO to look after you


  4. Hello Julie thanks for you post …. I’ll let Anthony know you have posted some comments on our blog

    Juile I have add your email to our newletter list and I’ll send you a copy of our newsletter with the pics of you Astra

    Was it difficult to get a post up …. Was it as hard as you thought?

    We don’t fix many roof like yours where someone has had a crack at it and failed we export more these days

    But thanks for your kind words