Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Astra Roof Latches

Astra Roof Latches: one would think it is time to try something new

Roof latches that are causing the TS Astra roofs to rust

Split bearings being replaced with deep goove bearings

Now we have a new customer that purchase latches and cannot open the roof as the latches have Jammed

If you have purchased a cheap set of
That completly lock your roof we want to talk to you we can open your roof again and have your roof working as new.
We would also like to put an end to the rumor that every TS Astra converible roof needs to pushed in operation
We have fixed TS Astra Roof that:
  • Don't come off the windscreen
  • That have blown oil everywhere
  • That have latch bearing replaced
  • Roof that stop half way
  • Roofs that don't make any noise when you push the roof button
  • Latches are casuing the roof to rust out
  • Latches that have been bolted together
  • need a complete replacement roofs 

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