Monday, 21 July 2014

Astra Roof Hose | Astra Roof Latches

ALNO Product Services offer quality Astra Roof parts

Astra Roof Latches  |  Astra Roof Hose

 At ALNO Product Services we offer number after-market components for TS and AH Astra Convertibles. 

With regard to the Astra Hydraulic Hose ALNO supply a direct replacement convertible hydraulic hose for the General motors Astra, both the TS and AH Astra Convertibles. 

There is no messing around patching one end of a hose and then the other end blows a couple off a weeks later, ALNO supply new hose with new fittings. 

The hose and end fittings for the Australian made hose are manufactured in workshop on the New South Wales Central Coast. 

The Australian made hose is the High Pressure hose is the same grade same quality that is used on the space shuttles. 
Along with the hydraulic Hose ALNO Product Services offer the Astra convertible roof oil. 

This grade of hydraulic oil, has been tested and is a 100% matches in comparison to the Genuine Roof oil.