Thursday, 27 November 2014

Astra Roof Stuck

Astra Convertible Roof Stuck

Is your Astra roof stuck?

You have heard loads of horror stories from back yard hacks out to make a quick buck.

Why not try the ALNO Product Services tech support line
in many cases its free -  if you purchase parts the same day

Proudly Australian
 Proudly providing sustainable manufacturing jobs now and into the future

For the complete range of ALNO Astra Roof Parts

At ALNO there is no guess work all of our parts
are fully engineered by qualified engineers
Not just tradesman or tradesmen not in the engineering trade

1 comment:

  1. After not to long of having my astra convertible hard top - It got stuck. Holden tried to fix it once - and within 3-4 x of using it, it broke again - only to be told by holden I Would have to pay approx 6000-7000 to have it fixed due to parts being so expensive. I went searching for anything that could make it cheaper and came across Alnos. My mum got in contact with them - and they were extremely helpful. Cutting the cost of getting it fixed by at least 5000! Im so grateful for their help - because with out them I wouldnt have got my roof fixed - at 7000 its just not worth it. Highly recommend to anyone looking to have their roof fixed! Thanks Alnos!!