Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Astra Convertible Boot Will not open

Where do you find how to open your Astra Convertible Boot

When it is stuck or when Astra Convertible Boot Will not open

 TS Astra Convertible

Astra Boot will not open Convertible

What ever Astra Convertible you have these guys can open your boot and get your roof moving

AH Astra Convertible

Astra Convertible Boot Problem

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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Astra Convertible Roof | Queensland


I am only to happy to use your products and would love to be able to bring my daughter’s Astra to you, however I live in Ipswich Queensland. My daughter, against my advise, purchased a 2005 Astra convertible and it blew a hose and squirted fliuid everwhere.

Having, for security, bought a second donor car when she purchased her’s, I replace the LH strut mech complete with hoses 21 and 22 but now nothing works.

When we turn the car on it beeps then stops. Push the open button and it beeps about 3 times but then nothing happens at all. The windows don’t open or anything.

What parts do I need and where do you have an agent close to where we are located.

Chris Jones