Friday, 11 November 2016

Holden Astra Twin top roof repairs

Holden Astra Twin top roof repairs

Are you having problems with you roof not working

the roof stopping at various points whenever it feels like it

Are you getting a beep, beep, beep, beeping noise when driving over 35Km/h

Or Is your boot lid locked

And you cannot open it.

Sometimes a parcel shelf flap or winglet does not move or stops when it wants

Is it annoying and you don’t know what to do

Basically, the team at ALNO help customers that purchase our parts

ALNO can help you

Yes, you can purchase the parts cheaper on the Chinese websites or from overseas even from the UK

but if the supplier does on own an Astra or know how to fault find on the Astra convertible why purchase the cheap parts if they don’t work or you cannot get them to work.

If so then you already know you have got a roof related problem, but you may not want to go to a dealer for a costly repair, which initially will cost in the region of $150 each hour for diagnostics.

Then we are not sure if that will fix the problem

ALNO are an Australian company yet it is derived from Alan Nottingham
 originally an English man yet a gun of a tradesman

We support Australian convertible owners we offer technical support for customers that purchase our parts if you are a owner, mechanical or even a Holden dealership

The team at ALNO are happy to assist you if you purchase components from our company

For more information contact ALNO Automotive




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