Astra Hydraulic Hose

The Hydraulic system in the Astra soft top convertibles works under the engineering principles of fluid power this systems preforms work in the form of moving the soft roof.

Hydraulic fluid flows to an actuator from a motor driven pump constant displacement pump, in turn the fluid passes through a filter and returns to a reservoir. This system in Astra Soft tops is a closed system that is you only need to fill the oil reservoir if you have an oil leak.

Holden Astra Roof Hose

50% of the actuators have a sensor which offers the roof controller an indication of the position of the actuators 

The fluid is then filtered and re-pumped. The path taken by hydraulic fluid is called a hydraulic circuit of which there are several types.

The roof controller controls the pumps and valves in which drive the actuators creating forward and backward movement in the position of the roof.

There are three complete circuits in this system with each operation under a different pressure yet there are two types of hydraulic hose use in the whole system.

For long term functionality of the system and life of the pump that Genuine Holden oil is used or equitant grade oil, that has the same additives and same viscosity. 

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 Astra Convertible roof including

  • Roof Oil
  • Roof Latches sets
  • Astra Roof Hose
  • Roof Hydraulic controllers
  • Hydraluic Pumps
  • Electric Motors
  • Custom Roof Finishes
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  1. Where can the hydraulic oil reservoir be found on my 2002 Astra convertible as the roof has seized and needs a top up of the hydraulic oil? Happy to buy off you guys however need to know where the reservoir is to top it up myself.

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  3. Hello Anonymous

    What make you think the roof is low on oil?

    If the roof has seized i would suggest that you take a photo of the position of the roof and email it to

    They may have a couple more questions, but unless you have had an oil leak something more serious you should not need to top up the oil.

    Roof oil can be purchased at!/Astra-Roof-Oil/c/12052499/offset=0&sort=normal

  4. Where is a lot more information on roff oil and roof hose for the astra convertible at

  5. I had the Hose Doctor fit a complete set of roof hoses on my daughters Astra convertible

    I’m sure that Hose Doctors are good at fixing earth moving equipment but they have no idea on the Astra convertibles

    The manager said they had fixed a convertible hose on an Astra 3 years ago
    Somehow the reversed one of the hoses or something as the roof would open half way pause and then close
    It could not fully open it was just craziness it took them 3 weeks to get the convertible to that point and they wanted to charge me over $1200 in labour

    Laura at Alno knew exactly what to do she change the position of a couple of hoses and it has worked perfectly ever since

  6. I had the Hose Doctor fit a complete set of roof hoses on my daughters Astra convertible

    I’m sure that Hose Doctors are good at fixing earth moving equipment but they have no idea on the Astra convertibles

    The manager said they had fixed a convertible hose on an Astra 3 years ago
    Somehow the reversed one of the hoses or something as the roof would open half way pause and then close

    It could not fully open it was just craziness it took them 3 weeks to get the convertible to that point and they wanted to charge me over $1200 in labour

    Laura at Alno knew exactly what to do she change the position of a couple of hoses and it has worked perfectly ever since

  7. Thanks Peter it is always good to get some feed back

  8. My Daughter purchased convertible roof hose off the convertiblespecialist

    These hoses look good but they don’t fit into the hydraulic cylinder.

    We have sent a number of emails to the convertiblespecialist but he is not helpful at all.

    On the EBay ad it states no returns as the hose does not fit looks like we are such with them

    Lucky she did not buy a full set

    The funniest thing is she had left positive feed back for something that does not work


  9. One of my hydraulic lines came lose while I was opening my roof and it squirted out quite a lot of the green hydraulic fluid. So I have two questions

    1. It looks like it just came off and the hose didn't actually snap or break, will I need a new hose?
    2. How would I then bleed the system with the oil and make sure I get rid of all the air in the system?


  10. Hello Tim,

    Thanks for you post and what a great questions

    Question 1. The Answer is No you don’t need to.

    You can take you Astra to a local hydraulic hose shop some will repair they others have had bad experiences and will not touch them.

    What is the benefit of replacing the hose will in every case we have seen the hose is only fixed at one end and then in most cases a couple of weeks, month or so later than the other end of the hose blows. The time frame depends on how often you roof is open and closed.

    But replacing the hose would be a good idea as it will be replaced with a new hose and new fitting if it was a genuine or an equivalent quantity of hose you would expect it to last another ten or so years.

    Having said that fixing the hose or replacing may come down to cost you can a cheap new hose for around $100 or you can go for a better quality hose up $400.

    I’m not sure what the cost of cutting and shutting a hose would cost but welding a hose fitting with a bore size of 1.5mm can be quite trickly particularly if you would like to align the bores without creating a point of high pressure.

    We have seen in some case having one hose cut and shut has caused other hoses to blow and the roof to twist with different oil flow rates

    ALNO Roof Hose can be purchased from!/Astra-Roof-Hose/c/11170550/offset=0&sort=normal

    Question 2.
    You have two options here one is to purchase technical support from ALNO

    For customers that follow ALNO on Twitter, Google + and like the Facebook pages and post pics of you and your Astra-bertone parts page on FB then you qualify for ALNO Tech support. The tech support team will answer your questions on Facebook message service. The Tech support team may take 24 hours or so to get back to you, but you will get an answer.


    I hope this helps
    Team ALNO

  11. Good morning,

    Can you please provide price for Australian-made hydraulic replacement set for a 2005 Astra Bertone soft top convertible.

    The LH hose has split – not sure about the rest of the hoses but will replace all just in case. What other components would been re[placing?



  12. Adrian,

    As per our discussion on Astra convertible Roof latches

    If you want to us to send you a set of latches to fit they can be purchased at!/Astra-Roof-Latch-Set/p/42726983/category=11170552

    If you wish to recondition the roof latch that are currently in the car please call me when you ready to remove them and I can step you through the process.

    My number 0477 002 249

    Kind Regards,


  13. Anthony,

    What would you recommend, either purchase a set then swap them over or reco mine.
    You mentioned the adjustment, can I set the new ones up the same when I swap them over then you can have the old units. The vehicle is not in use so exchange time is not an issue. I am planning on removing the old units this weekend.



  14. Hi,
    I have sent you my Astra convertible cables for repair, and I have tried to follow up with you if you have received them, when they will be returned and how much this will cost.
    Could you please reply and let me know the status of them please.


  15. Hi

    After a hot day I tried to open my roof but it stopped not long after it started to open up and started beeping. I tried to put the roof back down but it just kept beeping and wouldn't go down. I had to drive home holding the roof down with my hand as I couldn't shut it. When I got home my dad was able to manually put the roof down and lock it. We tried to open the roof again the next day but it's not even making a sound from the roofs motor and just beeps.

    Do you know what the problem might be and if so, is it common and what would a rough price be to fix? I live in Perth WA.



  16. Dear sir

    This Maki . Looking to ASTRA convertible top locking latch right and lift . Please send the price include detail and pictures .



  17. Hi Anthony,

    I emailed you several weeks ago about my daughter's Astra convertible (I could not get it to you as she it was not logistically possible). It was broken into and part of the roof slashed on left side at back. My daughter lives in Wagga, I live in Sydney. I now have her car this week. I was wondering if I could bring the car up to you this week for a quote for repairs. The roof beeps as your troubleshooting describes on your has done this for some time. It is obviously ripped. It would be nice if it could be patched... I don't know. You are the expert

    I would love to hear from you regarding getting it to you this week if at all possible.



  18. Hello ALNO,

    I’ve been looking into replacing the roof latches on my 2003 Bertone Astra Convertible as it looks like the plastic blocks on one side have failed, just as the sun has made a rare appearance over here.

    I just wanted to check that if I bought some replacements from yourselves that they would be something that I could fit myself, as it is so difficult to get dealers over here to fit parts sourced from elsewhere (if they actually know how to fit them at all!).

    I have managed to gain a tiny bit of access to the latches themselves to see them, but I wondered if there is anything special I have to do once they are fitted so as to not damage some other parts? The roof has worked perfectly for the last 12 years and to see the mechanism getting all confused and beeping like this has made realise how complicated the whole setup is.

    I hope all is good there, as I saw that the weather was looking pretty bad a while ago.

    Any help you can give would be great as this has been the best car I have ever owned and I can’t see me getting one like it again, so please keep up the good work on keeping them on the road.

    Kindest regards


  19. Hi Anthony,

    It's my daughter's car and we live in Dural (Northwest suburbs) - so a trip north isn't out of the question - just a "little" difficult to fit in! She has Fridays off work so might be possible to get there.

    The roof is moving very slowly / stopping while the pump is making the right noises so it feels more like the hydraulics rather than wiring or sensors - fluid level and relays are fine. Would be great to get an actual diagnosis... the cost and rarity of replacement pumps makes it a tough call to replace on a hunch!



  20. Keith

    Your dead right the Holden dealers will all tell you that you need to replace the whole roof just to get it working. We find that they are all the same in terms of replacing parts.

    We find that we do not need to replace all the parts in most cases to get the roof working but the question is how long are you expecting to roof to work for.

    Most of the mechanical parts wear out over time and the electrical cables are pulled and pushed and break from time to time these guys are the hardest to find ……. it real depends on how long you are planning to keep the car

    Therefore, we try to strike a balance on what to replace or what I am suggesting that no matter how many parts you replace the roof will stop working again some time in the future.

    We all buy convertibles not expecting to spend money on the roof.

    Keith I can keep next Friday available for you if you like.

    Kind Regards,


  21. Hi Anthony,

    You will definitely be the "go to guy" for this work - but no chance to get my daughter organised for this Friday I'm afraid - 23 year olds!!

    What sort of time do you reckon you would need the car when we can get a date happening? (difficult to estimate I know) - just need to work out whether she would hang around or try and organise a drop off of some sort. Nearest family I have is elderly in-laws at Lake Munmorah....



  22. Hi!
    I would like to bring my bring my 2002 Astra convertible to you to get a new roof latch and replace the hydraulic hoses and to generally check the operation of the roof.
    Do I need to replace both latches or just the broken one?
    Approx How long would you need the car for and approx. cost please?
    I have had the car 18 months and have so far had a broken roof latch and a hydraulic hose replaced. I just want to be able to open the roof without crossing my fingers!!!! 
    How long can I hope for a trouble free roof operation after you have replaced the parts and checked the roof? Warranty?

  23. My Son had the Mobile Hose Fixers and Hydraulics Gold Coast fit a hoses on his Astra convertible.

    Then one by one the other hoses started to blow three hose blew in total , we hade 2 hoses blow in a week

    It was only when i met another Astra owner who only had one hose blow in a 5 year period

    He had purchase an Aussie Made hose from ALNO we have now replace all the hoses with an Aussie made hose from ALNO and we have not had a hose blow in 4 years

    Don't waste your think with guys that fix truck and tractors for a living go for the Automotive built Australia made ALNO hose

    you wont look back

    B. Brown